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Aden and Anais muslin, bamboo & organic swaddling blankets, Dream blankets, sleeping bags, towels and washcloths, Issie comfort blankets, Snappy Bibs & Burpy Bibs. 

The Aden and Anais range has hit the
(and now the UK) by storm, and it’s quite usual to see a celebrity mum snapped with one of Aden and Anais’ products. Hamill Baby first brought Aden and Anais products to the UK in 2008 - and they have now become a household name amongst educated parents in the UK!

The company Aden and Anais was formed by two Australian mothers who moved to the States and were unable to find the extra large, lightweight swaddling blankets they were used to in Australia. They started manufacturing their own and named the company after their own children: Aden and Anais.

Aden and Anais super-sized muslins are the best way to swaddle your newborn. The soft natural fibres of Aden and Anais’ muslin cloth, which has a soft, light weave, promotes an even air flow that helps to regulate your baby's body temperature naturally.

Aden and Anais swaddling blankets are also available in bamboo and organic cotton muslin.

Swaddling helps your baby sleep as it makes your baby feel secure and comfortable as it imitates the security of the enclosed surroundings they experienced in the womb. It helps your baby sleep on their back, the pediatrician recommended sleeping position & to stay asleep by reducing sudden arm and leg movements (startle reflexes). Swaddling keeps your baby's face uncovered & prevents your baby moving around the crib and getting into dangerous or uncomfortable positions. It also helps keep babies warm (without overheating).

Celebrities love Aden and Anais products - Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts, Mini Driver, Tori Spelling, Isla Fisher, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Ritchie, Jamie Oliver to name but a few have all been snapped with their babies wrapped in these blankets!  

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Aden and Anais swaddling blankets are 100% cotton and measure 120 cm X 120 cm (47 inches X 47 inches). Each packet includes 4 large cotton muslin wraps.  Beautifully presented in an Aden and Anais presentation box which includes a swaddling guide and "other uses". 

Use these Aden and Anais blankets for swaddling, burping, baby blanket, shielding when breastfeeding, sun protector, play mat etc.

Matching items from Aden and Anais include hooded bath towel & washcloth set, muslin washcloths, bibs, Issie (comfort blankets) and Dream muslin blankets.

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